Agra Copper Cup

Agra Copper Cup


These pure copper cups are functional and versatile. Copper has qualities that make for an excellent drinking cup: the material is naturally insulated and antimicrobial. Great for use in the home as a gorgeous tumbler for serving anything from tea to cocktails both indoor and outdoors. You can also place one on your table as a vase or to elevate your desk by holding your best pens. 

Some of the benefits of drinking from copper include boosting immunity due to the antioxidant properties of copper and reducing inflammation thanks to the antimicrobial elements. It reduces free radical damage in the body and promotes the absorption of iron in the body.

This cup will develop a beautiful patina over time or you can choose to keep it bright and shiny with a simple cleaning. 

Dimensions | Approximately 4.25" High x 3.25" Width, can hold 14 oz. 
Materials | Solid Copper
Made in India

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