Donabe Rice Cooker

Donabe Rice Cooker


Our beautiful Donabe Rice Cooker is the perfect piece to cook delicious fluffy rice. Handcrafted by the family-owned Japanese studio, Nagatani-en. Each earthenware clay pot takes two weeks to be made by hand and has been crafted in the same village since 1832.

Our Donabe features a double-lid which retains heat similar to a steam-cooker, while the thick bottom gently cooks the rice. Each clay pot is finished with a special ceramic glaze that promotes far-infrared radiation (FIR) to help heat penetrate into the core of each grain while retaining moisture for perfect, fluffy, evenly cooked rice. Whether it’s on a gas stove or waiting on the table the Donabe is a one-of-a-kind rice cooker that will be an heirloom for generations.

Dimensions | Approximately 7.25" Height, 9.5" Width
Materials | Ceramic
Notes | Gas stove top required for use.
Handmade in Japan

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