Rikyu Donabe

Rikyu Donabe


Our beautiful, brilliantly versatile oven-to-table Rikyu Donabe is handcrafted by the family-owned Japanese studio, Nagatani-en. Each earthenware clay pot takes two weeks to be made by hand and has been crafted in the same village since 1832.

These earthenware pots are made out of clay with properties ideal for operating at high temperatures, including in kilns and during high-heat cooking. The porosity of the clay allows it build heat slowly and evenly and to maintain it's peak temperature. It allows for slow cooking perfect for rice bowls and stews.Whether it’s on a gas stove, in the oven, or waiting on the table the Donabe is a one-pot-wonder and will look gorgeous both in your kitchen and on your table. 

Dimensions | Approximately 4.75" Height, 8" Width
Materials | Ceramic
Notes | Gas oven required for use.
Handmade in Japan

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