Hygge, Brass, and Fall Feels

I was told recently that I spend a considerable amount of energy thinking about the weather. This was told to me when I suggested a coworker pack an umbrella for a trip during which rain was to be expected. After some consideration, I think she was probably right. Maybe it's the planner in me but I like to be prepared for my day. As the rains and grey days have reintroduced themselves  I'm starting to spend some time thinking about the cold and how this shifting season makes me feel.

Although it's no secret that I prefer sun filled warm days there is something to said for finding comfort in the grey. On a recent trip to Copenhagen, I was introduced to the Danish term Hygge.  Described to me by a sweet Danish man, Hygge is the acknowledgment of the feeling you have when you experience a feeling of warmth or coziness. His charming example was spending the day in the snow with your family or friends and then coming home to sit together under blankets by the warm fire with hot chocolates and Aquavit  - cozy and warm. It's lovely to have a word that so encapsulates the very thing that has me looking forward to winter. 

While we don't get snow in San Francisco we are no strangers to a good bit of cozy, whether we knew it had a name or not. So, today I'm gathering up some pieces from the shop that will help you get to that perfect place of warmth. Fall is just getting started, but it's never to early to embrace the season, case in point - I'm writing this fully wrapped in a blanket while sipping a warm cup up tumeric milk tea. 

These past couple years the fall and winter season have been especially busy and have seemingly flown by. So this year I'm making a concerted effort to slow down and take advantage of the chilliness - starting with gathering up a few special pieces to aid me in my quest for Hygge. First being a hand-thrown ceramic mug - our Stone and Sandstone mugs and tumblers are the perfect size to hold your coffee, tea or a steaming hot toddy. 

Check back next week, we'll be sharing a few favorite drink recipes that have been on heavy rotation of late. One boozy, one to keep you cozy, and one to help keep those seasonal colds at bay. 

Genevieve Bandrowski