LeMay Shop - An Introduction

Hello, Welcome to LeMay Shop! I'm thrilled to be launching a store that will exclusively feature handmade, carefully considered, craftsman objects. I've worked alongside designers for years and have even launched my own brand, but never considered joining the throws of individuals who have opened retail stores. With how popular and easy it's become I have admittedly felt an over saturation of online retail. Each new store popping up offering the same Products every other similarly minded, self-proclaimed "tastemaker" sells. 

But that's where I hope to be different. Alongside the well-known designers, there are the small local brands that have not yet had a platform to be seen. My hope is to feature the exceptional designs of the lesser known, found objects discovered in travel, pieces made by craftsman with no interest in mass production, modern heirlooms that will carry a story, and my greatest hope is to feature as many female designers as possible. There is so much talent amongst us, this small corner of the internet will introduce you to objects that have stopped me in my tracks, I hope they will do the same for you.