Lola Bag

Lola Bag


Woven in Java, Indonesia, this one-of-a-kind woven bag was handmade by artisan weavers. Our Lola Bag was crafted from woven Ata grass a technique traditionally used for weaving baskets. After being carefully woven, each bag is dried out over a coconut fire - giving it a rich dark color. Our Lola Bag is a perfect carry-all, a wearable artisan piece finished with colorful batiste inner lining and leather straps.

The Lola was created with care, a sleek, woven bag that will look dreamy on a beach blanket, cafe table, or, you know, any surface. Its round shape makes it versatile for day to evening. A classic shape that can catch all.

Dimensions | Approximately 8" tall and 3" Wide
Materials | Woven Ata grass and leather

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