Lontar Fan

Lontar Fan


Woven in Java, Indonesia, this one-of-a-kind woven fan was handmade by an artisan weaver. Each fan is crafted traditionally using leaves from the Lontar Palm. This tall fanning palm has been utilized for centuries across Indonesia for both it's sustainable hardwood as well as it's sweet sap which is a source for palm wine and sugar. The palms leaves are traditionally used for weaving and thatching. 

Our Lontar fan is versatile in its uses, perfect as a hand fan to keep you cool from the Summer heat. The intricate tight woven pattern provides shade when held overhead. Or this gorgeous woven piece can be displayed in your home on a wall or as an art object. Each handcrafted fan was created with care and incorporates an intricate weave that will ensure a one-of-a-kind object that is both unique and timeless.

Dimensions | Approximately 11" long and 8.5" Wide
Materials | Made from Woven Palm Leaves

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